Super Bowl 51: day 30-💯days of joy


I admit that I do like football more than many women, but I’m not a fanatic, or even a consistent observer.  I learned the game as a girl because my dad always watched , along with my brothers, and we only had one TV and a small house. So, I do enjoy a good game and understand most of it. 

Therefore , watching the super bowl is something I usually do simply because it seems like the thing that should be done.  I do enjoy the commercials and halftime show, as well as the food when I get to go to a party. Yet, It seems there is something beyond the game with all its trappings. 

There is a connectivity with the world that happens when we watch big events such as this, a sense of community in the midst of our great big existence on this planet.  Somehow, our world seems a bit smaller when there is something that many of us can experience at the same time then discuss via social media or at the office the next day.  

I know there isn’t any obvious spiritual meaning attached to all the super bowl hype, and many would argue that much of it is opposite from religious values and morals. However, I would argue that God made us for relationships and there is something basic in all of us that longs to feel connected with others. Events like the Super Bowl add a bit of joy to many lives because of how it brings us together to share in an experience as humans in this great creation of our God. 

About Tara Lea

I'm a mom and wife first and foremost. I offer Life Coaching as well as speaking for large and small groups, while writing and teaching as opportunities become available. Writing, speaking, teaching, and coaching are my means for fulfilling my life calling of helping others fit together the pieces of their lives so they can move closer to becoming all God means for them to be.

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