A hanger graveyard:days 86-87,πŸ’― days of JOY


I’ve spent much of the last few days in my laundry room, clearing it out, cleaning, patching holes and sanding , wiping down the walls and vacuuming. I ventured behind my washer and dryer today, as far as I could reach, to suck up what seemed like a ton of dust and cobwebs, plus a few socks. Oh , I also recovered about 15 hangers!  
We’ve always hung up certain clothes to dry on the rack above the dryer. Invariably, there were times the hangers would get tangled and I would lose one behind the dryer. My word! I had no idea I had lost so many!!

This brought to my mind the things in life that we “let slide” because they seem trivial at the time. Yet, over weeks, months , maybe years, all the little things add up and can turn into some big deals in our lives. 

I am guilty of this at times, but I’ve tried to learn to “be faithful in the little things” (Luke 16:10). An example would be recycling. There are times I just want to take the easy way out and throw stuff away in the kitchen trash, no rinsing it out and no taking it out to the recycling bins in the garage. But my conscience gets me most every time, and I remember that when I start neglecting the little things ,  my behavior can turn into a habit and then eventually become a part of my character, a lifestyle. 
Father, help me be more faithful in all the little things….

About Tara Lea

I'm a mom and wife first and foremost. I offer Life Coaching as well as speaking for large and small groups, while writing and teaching as opportunities become available. Writing, speaking, teaching, and coaching are my means for fulfilling my life calling of helping others fit together the pieces of their lives so they can move closer to becoming all God means for them to be.

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