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Saint Patrick’s day:day 68-💯 days of JOY


As I said yesterday, green is my favorite color and I love the focus on it during the time of year, especially St Patty’s day!  However, that isn’t the only reason I like St Patrick’s day.

I find it ironic that shamrocks, leprechauns and pots of gold came to be symbols for this day.  I understand the green, since the color is a part of Irish symbolism, and I do know the legends about shamrocks and leprechauns, but they really have nothing to do with the truth of this holiday (holy day).

I’m sure that many people have no idea why St Patrick’s day exists. It is actually a holy day celebrating St Patrick’s mission that brought Christianity to Ireland. Interestingly, it is a holiday that truly started as purely Christian, honoring the man credited with bringing the Gospel to the Emerald Isle, unlike most of our holidays that have been Christianized from their original pagan roots. 

I do have some Irish in my ancestry, and it brings me joy to think about the significance of this holiday, in addition to all the green that is everywhere.  It also fits well with pointing our attention to Spring, renewal, freshness, new life, and leading us toward Easter, when Christ’s mission was fulfilled, and without which St. Patrick wouldn’t have had a mission in the first place.

💚GREEN:day 67 – 💯 days of JOY


This is my favorite color. I love just about every variety of the color green, except mint (unless it’s a mint chocolate something). The color literally makes me happy. I am instantly drawn to it, and I really can’t express the joy it causes to arise in my heart. Hence, this week of St Patty’s day is one of my favorite times of the year….more on that topic tomorrow…

A snow day and a pedicure:days 65-66-💯 days of JOY


This being my daughter’s senior year, I’ve tried to make the most of moments we have together. She and I are on our own a lot this year since my sons are away at college/grad school and my husband is working 3 hours away, coming home on weekends every two to three weeks. So, my daughter and I have found our own routine and rhythm for our responsibilities and downtime. 

Yesterday, she had a snow day, only the 2nd or 3rd in this light winter we’ve had. I had to teach but came home by 10:30, then she and I just hunkered down in the warmth of home, watched HGTV, packed some boxes for our move, and ended the day with pie from our local diner(since it was 3/14, Pi day). It was so good to simply enjoy being together. 

Today, I came in to her school to get a pedicure from her(she’s finishing her cosmetology license).  I’m sitting here, listening to her friends talk, letting her take care of my feet what a peaceful time between us, even if she doesn’t really like dealing with feet🙄. My heart is full with joy from having quality time with my baby girl. 

Winter again:day 64-💯 days of JOY


I actually went out driving in the snow tonight just to enjoy it blowing around a while , and when I stepped outside to go to the van, there was that beautiful silence that only really exists when it is snowing.  I could hear the bells chiming the top of the hour in the steeple at MVNU. It was lovely and my heart smiled with gleeful joy for one last taste of winter. 

Moving Forward:days 62-63:💯 days of JOY


Worked on prospective employment opportunities on Friday. Saturday was spent on packing up some of the basement. Today, we celebrated our oldest son’s completion of his final submissions for his teacher licensure and rejoiced in thankfulness that our middle son made it back safely from his trip to London. Our daughter has one nine weeks left before graduation. This week begins the second half of my teaching semester, and my husband will continue looking at potential homes to buy. We are moving forward , closing doors behind us, and God is making His ways in the wilderness.   Joy is clear for me in all of this, and I’m thankful for days like this sometimes. when joy isn’t hard to find.  Even my favorite frozen custard place had my favorite flavor today…Almond Joy 😊. 

An ever present help:day 61-💯 days of JOY


God is always by my side, as He is with any and all of His children.  He is as close as a whisper at all times. He can be trusted. His love is His very essence and determines all His actions.  Knowing all of this, I can have joy even in the midst of troubled times. 

Sunrise:day 60-💯 days of JOY


“Joy comes in the morning” (Ps30:5) becomes real for me when I roll over, open my eyes, and see this beauty out my window. 

You are enough:day 59-💯 days of JOY


Psalm 139…God makes us amazing, just as we are…

Yet, we (every person on the planet) try to make ourselves good enough in the eyes of other people. Perhaps that’s really the origin of sin, trying to redefine ourselves according to man’s approval instead of resting in the amazement of the wonderful creation God intended us to be. 

God, there are not enough words to tell how amazing all of Your creation is!   Your works are wonderful ; I know that greater now than ever before. (vs 14)

Nice sunrise, God!:day 58-💯 days of JOY


So, when we praise our children for doing something well or behaving, we say “good job”, “I’m proud of you “, or “way to go”.  If a friend does something very kind or is especially dear to us, we tell them they are pretty awesome or how much we cherish them being in our lives.  There are other examples I could give, but the point is that when we give words of praise and affirmation to people in our lives, we don’t just say “I praise you” to them. 

Therefore, if we consider this in light of giving God praise, it can broaden our grasp of how we can praise God. What are some words you could say to God that would be praising Him for who He is and what He has done in your life?

Praise:day 57-💯 days of JOY


Have you ever thought much about how we are supposed to praise God?  I mean, literally, how….like what are we supposed to do or say that expresses our praise of Him, and to Him.  
I grew up thinking, and for much of my adult life, that I had to specifically use the word praise in order to tell Him, or others , that I praised Him. It’s really only been the last fifteen years or so that I came to realize that giving God praise is about more than a word , and it’s also been in these years that I’ve grown to recognize that my joy increases when I give God praise….more to come on this ….