Monthly Archives: May 2020

Fifty shades of green…


A little over a week ago, we journeyed down to WV to place my mom’s ashes on the graves of her two husband’s graves. Her first husband passed away when mom was only 25, with three small children. My dad passed away when I was 19, and mom lived all those years as a widow but not really totally alone, since she had her children and step-children, grandchildren, greats and a great-great.

As we drove, the many shades of green along the road and on the hills gave me great joy. Green is my favorite color, most shades of it. The beauty of all the greens spoke deeply to my soul.

How good it is to know my mom rests in the care of the One who created all of this beauty. Joy is possible because I know this to be Truth, that I too will find my life settled forever with God , as well, after my life here ends. Peace is possible and grief is not forever because i know most of those I have lost in this life will be a part of my eternity with our Creator.

As I honor those who have passed away, I’m thrilled to think of the new life found for all who have died in Christ, the new life I see represented in the many gorgeous shades of green. Yes, I cry sometimes from missing my mom, dad, sister, brothers, aunts, uncles, nephews, friends…but the tears are always mingled with joy and a deep settled peace.

Celebrating being a mom…


During this time of sheltering at home, two of my adult children have been home with us. Our daughter still lives with us, and she has been furloughed from her job during this time, since she’s a cosmetologist. My oldest son is a teacher and came to stay with us once his school closed for the pandemic. He has been working online this entire time, as have I. Our middle son and his wife have been working from their home in IN.

With travel restrictions and gathering limits loosened a bit, my daughter-in-law and son cane to stay with us this week, as did my daughter’s boyfriend. We all had work responsibilities to attend to each day…Zoom calls, phone conversations, loads of emails answered, documents created and printed. My daughter was even “working” as her salon team collaborated and planned for their soon-to-be reopening.

As I worked from my home office, in one corner of the house, I listened to the sounds of all of them doing their jobs, being productive adults working to make the world better in their own ways. What an incredible blessing to this mother’s heart! What an affirmation that something we did as parents went right !!

No, it hasn’t been a perfect time together. Yes, this Mother’s Day also bears remembrances of my own mom with bittersweet emotions, being my first Mother’s Day without her. However, over it all, I feel so very grateful for the honor of being a mother, for children who know love and who spread love, for my mom who taught me much about mothering, and for aunts, nieces , sisters and friends who have helped me be the mom I am and have partnered with me in raising my children to be who they are today. Ultimately, I thank God for the provisions and strength He gives me every day to be who He has made me/is making me to be.