I’m at a transition time in my life as my oldest child has graduated his Masters program, my middle child is in the middle of college and my youngest is graduating high school.   I also completed my graduate education in 2016 and am continuing my courses toward Life Coach certification.  I am continuing to be surrendered to God remaking me into the woman He meant for me to be from the start.  This is a journey, and the last 20 years or so have been spent piecing together my history to make sense of this puzzle of my life.  Now, I see how many pieces of my life are fitting together and making a portrait. I am ready to actively work with my Father to continue fitting the pieces of the rest of my life puzzle together and a part of that journey is about helping others find and put their pieces together.

For Summer 2017, I will become a Coach at Restoring Hope Counseling and Coaching in Cincinnati. I also will continue pursuing teaching, writing, and speaking opportunities as they become available.  My ultimate goal is to own and run an holistic spiritual retreat center where people can come to spend time alone with God, or in groups, to seek spiritual growth.

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    • Yay Cindy! Glad to have you join me. If you want to continue on a more personal level, go to the dropdown menu, under the About tab, and choose “Pieces Coaching”. Otherwise, just look for my posts here about once a week. Blessings and prayers, Tara


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