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Affirmation:days 80-81,💯 days of JOY


Nehemiah 8:10-The Joy of the Lord is your strength. You must not be dejected and sad!

God really does see us through anything and provide whatever we need to walk through any difficulty. Sometimes that comes in the form of a friend who steps into our mess to help us clean, sort, organize and pack. Other times it comes in the form of a dove cooing on the electric wire outside my house or when just the right song comes on the radio, and then there are times when just the right person stops to listen and has the right words to say. 

It’s taken me many years to know that I can for sure trust God in all things. Frankly, I do still have some anxieties and worries at times, but I can truly testify that those worries are always proven incorrect. God continually shows me that He will take care of me. This gives me joy even in the tough stuff of life. 


God will respond:day 79-💯 days of JOY


This verse blessed my heart with joy when I first read it this morning, especially because it was raining and was early morning …. yet, I’ve 

found myself going back to my kitchen windowsill to read it several times today.  It really is a reason for joy , to know that if I keep seeking to know God that He will keep responding to me. What does that say to you?

SPRING:day 78-💯 days of JOY


The forsythia is in bloom 

And now my heart has more room

For joy

Because Spring has sprung

And I have flung

The ploy

Of the enemy in a winter dark

That was bare without the spark

Of snow

To reclaim the light

That wants to burn bright

And grow

Acardinal and a bunny:day 77-💯 days of JOY


For years now, we have had a bunny who comes and has her babies in our backyard every spring , as well as a family of cardinals who build their nest in our little crabapple tree off our back deck. I saw both the bunny and the male cardinal today. My heart never ceases to find a thrill in watching these guests in their flurrying around in our yard , bringing me joy and wonder, sort of wishing I were Cinderella or Snow White and could speak with birds and rabbits on a daily basis. 

Boxes of memories: day 76-💯 days of JOY


I’m slowly trying to work through all our stuff in the unfinished area of our basement. My goal is to pack something everyday, as we inch closer to moving sometime this summer. I spent about five hours looking through memory boxes today, sifting through pictures, deciding what could be thrown away and packing things more efficiently. 

I was overcome with an awareness of how God has worked in our family all these years.  Looking back, I know that anything that has turned out for the good in each of our lives is because of God, His provisions, His grace and mercy , His love at work in and through us to turn our meager attempts into something of value and worth. I know it hasn’t been from my wisdom or strength. I cried many tears of joy today as I relived moment upon moment of God’s blessings in my family. 

When friends “get” each other:day 75-💯 days of JOY


What joy there is in knowing and being known, in friendships with people who know what you need to hear and really mean it when they share with you, who do not simply patronize you or pander to your every whim, who will forward an inspirational thought with only their name because they know nothing needs to be said, who will work through moods and misunderstandings , who will find common ground no matter how long a conversation is required to arrive there, friends who allow you to offer constructive criticism and aren’t afraid to give it back all the while knowing that the regard you hold for each other can withstand anything so long as you keep patiently working it out with one another….today, I was blessed with reminders of the depths of friendships in my life and have felt that joy deeply all day. 

What about you?:days 73-74, 💯 days of JOY


We are three weeks out from Easter, halfway through Lent for those who observe it. I’ve been experiencing some highs and lows but in the midst I’ve been aware of God’s peace, presence and provision. There is a quiet and deep joy in this, particularly in this season. What about you?  How is your experience of the Easter season thus far?