Monthly Archives: May 2023

On becoming a grandmother…


I never anticipated what a change would occur in my life when my first grandchild was born. Two months ago today, my mind and heart were opened in very unexpected and wonderful ways.

I was never one who felt I had to become a grandparent. I’ve always cheered on my children and encouraged them to pursue God’s best for them as individuals, whether that meant they would marry or stay single, live close or far away, get college degrees or become volunteers for a nonprofit or start their own company, and of course, having children themselves is their choice and I never felt a need to prod them to have babies. Regardless, when our daughter shared that she was pregnant in June of last year, we were happy for her because it’s what she and her husband desired and felt was right for them to do.

My excitement grew slowly, maybe even reservedly, as my daughter’s pregnancy progressed. Her health and wellness was utmost in my mind, along with supporting their little growing family however we could. Yet, as the day for little Wren’s birth approached, the anticipation multiplied for all our West family members.

Being asked to participate in the labor and delivery process was a precious honor for me. My mom was there for me when I delivered my firstborn, and it made such a difference to have her there. I was thrilled to be able to do this for my baby girl, as well.

Sweet baby Wren arrived after 13-15 hours of labor for my daughter. We were all so exhausted, but what joy flooded my soul in the moments following her birth. Everyday since then truly has been different.

I can’t actually explain the change, but I know it has happened. I grew up in new ways, and so did my baby girl and her husband, and I’ve watched my husband change too. How can such a small 7lb. 11oz creature make such a ginormous difference in all of our lives?!?!

I thank God for little Wren, for her health and all the ways she is growing and changing each day, and mostly, I’m so very grateful to be a part of her life and a witness to watching her parents become her mom and dad.