Monthly Archives: April 2022

Through the lens of love…


I had the opportunity to visit where our family used to live last week. A park is there that was created within and around the ruins of an old glass plant that had once been a booming business hub for the area. As you look at these pictures, it may simply seem like modern art, or one could easily dismiss them as the ruins they are. Another viewpoint would be to view them as a redeeming of what was lost and repurposing of these ruins as a place of beauty that offers the community a lovely place to gather, to exercise, to fish, to bike, to have fun as families and friends. How you view these remains is completely dependent on the lens you useā€¦

It reminded me of the work of Jesus in my life and the lives of anyone who believes in Him as the Son of God, and chooses to follow His example of life, of service, of death, and of love. I see the same examples in nature as Spring bursts forth with flowers, new life from the old dead ruins from last year’s growing season. It’s that simple to grasp, no matter the complexities that evolve as we delve deeper into following Him, the starting point is simply a matter of a choice to believe and follow….yet again, completely dependent on the lens you use, how you choose to see it all.

May we continually choose to see through the lens of love….