Monthly Archives: May 2018

Love breaks through…


For many years, since I was young, I have relished in the view of sun bursting from behind clouds, or really any time the sun rays can be seen streaming across the sky in stark contrast to the rest of the expanse. When I see this, I feel better the reality of God’s presence and get a sense of being enveloped in His love.

There is a song by Toby Mac that talks about love breaking through and finding us in our darkness. I’ve definitely had those moments in my life when God’s love pierced through the darkness in my life, some big moments as well as those little moments in the midst of the everyday.

I can honestly say that there are many of those times that I would have missed God’s rays reaching out to me if I hadn’t been open to looking for and noticing Him, in even the smallest of details. Though I’ve been aware of Him since I was a child, learning to look for and recognize Him has taken much of my adult life thus far, and still there are times I’m sure I don’t realize He’s trying to break through my thoughts to get to my heart and soul.

The most significant difference I can see in whether I notice Him or not comes from my own choices and behaviors. I must be intentional, purposeful, in choosing to turn my mind to see the good, true, lovely , etc, as well as being thankful and grateful, positive, on purpose. This doesn’t often come naturally to me, being a melancholy personality who struggles with anxiety. So, I have to pray ahead of time that God would keep me in His truth and dispel the lies that would keep me from noticing His ways of speaking to my heart, His love breaking through in the midst of all my human-ness.

The cool and wonderful thing is that He does it! He faithfully breaks through my darkness and shows me His light….and in the end , my heart grows more grateful, more trusting, and more aware of His love and presence.



What is truth? Do you ever wake from deep dreaming and feel lost in reality, wondering what was actually true from your dream, even weighted down by the emotions you were feeling? That was me today.

I felt so heavy in my spirit when I awoke , and I’m not sure exactly why, though I do know there was stress in my dream. After stumbling through my first moments, letting the dog out and helping my daughter get out the door to work, I settled down with my coffee and began to pray.

I asked God to remind me of all that was true, to help me remember and notice all the good in the reality around me. I heard the birds singing outside my window, saw the beautiful blue sky and sunshine 🌞, and focused on God’s love.

That’s my reality , my truth, at its core. Yes, somedays are gray and rainy, but no matter, the basics of who I am are grounded in being a part of God’s creation and trusting Him as my Father. Everything else pales in comparison to that Truth in my life.

The same is true for you. We all have significance, and security, and belonging as children of the one, true King residing in His creation with calling and purpose to be priests and rulers alongside His Son, our Brother, Jesus…all we need do is believe that Truth.

Now I’m back in the reality of this day. It’s not perfect, by a long shot, but I am at peace again and resting in the love of my Abba Father and the friendship of my Brother. That’s really all the Truth I need….